Plot 2: Architectural Emporium – Cat Emporium

The Vision

The city centre lacks facilities to serve the many high rise apartment blocks and student accommodation buildings being constructed. The garden-less developments also lack facilities for pets. The cat emporium addresses this void with a feline cafe and cat playground. A veterinary surgery and cat rescue centre will serve the wider community and provide a home for neglected animals.

The building will feature two layers of circulation which weave through the building, one for humans and one alongside for cats to roam as they see fit. The studded facade is equally scaled to both humans and cats, with window seats for both.

Most importantly the building will inject some fun back into Lime Street in a proposal that is unique to Liverpool.


The Lookbook




The Concept

lime street plot 2 layouts-05

lime street plot 2 layouts-01

lime street plot 2 layouts-02 lime street plot 2 layouts-03 lime street plot 2 layouts-04


Architects render of the building

The Design Team

Like all good Emporiums, Architectural Emporium (AE) is a seller of unique goods. AE brings vigour, creativity and dynamism to projects of all size and type. Not defined by a particular style, each project is treated individually and thorough detailed responses are sought.

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