Plot 3: Different – Kingpin Bowling & Jazz

The Vision

This block and its public houses have a great heritage of nights out drinking, socialising and watching live bands.  As we look at what’s lacking in our city centre, one thing that pops up regularly in our desire for a social night out is the opportunity to go bowling and not need to visit a soulless retail park. How about going bowling and having a great quality food offer, beyond limp chips, basic burgers and fizzy drinks!

Jazz has many genres and talented and emerging jazz musicians are flourishing in our city. Bringing these pastimes together in one venue makes for a great night out, where no single visit would be the same as the last. Liverpool is also unusual as an international city without a dedicated Jazz venue.

Our treatment of the exterior, as well as reflecting 50’s bowling culture and jazz clubs, pays homage to the days when Lime Street was alive with neon.

The Lookbook

lime street plot 3 look book

The Concept

Kingpin Ground floor

Kingpin First Floor

Kingpin Second Floor

Kingpin Section


Kingpin Exterior View


The Design Team

different design and deliver projects that make life better indoors, outdoors, from a micro scale, to a large scale. Whatever the project, different believe the consideration and involvement of people is the key to ensure its success.

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