About We Make Places

We are a small team with a Board of Directors who collaborate with some other brilliant people when projects require it.  Our mission and our three main pillars of work can be defined as:

a description of what We Make Places does using the mission and the 3 pillars of activities

          www.thelifeofply.co.uk                 www.urbanworkbench.org

We Make Places is a Community Interest Company, which means that it exists to benefit the community rather than private stakeholders. While we aim for profit, this profit is directed straight back into projects which have a positive community and collective benefit.

We operate within a gradient, charging larger private or public organisations a fee for our work, which then enables us to work alongside smaller community groups or individuals to support them to deliver projects, or events, that make use of the fabric of the city, town or village that they live in, be it a building, area, some derelict land or green space.  Our fees for community groups are much lower and occasionally pro-bono at the early stages of a project, subsidised by our own earned income or funding we have obtained.

We work with the philosophy that a community already has an emerging vision of what they want to achieve, but sometimes are not confident or sure about the steps that are required to help them to realise their dream. Through our fantastic networks of socially minded, experienced and creative Built Environment and Urban Regeneration professionals we can harness this passion and empower people to join the dots and turn their vision into reality.

We are committed to ethical working practices and you can request copies of any of our policies at any time.  These include our approach to Modern Slavery, Safeguarding and Equality and Diversity.

We have built We Make Places to be a socially trading organisation and to do this we took on Social Investment (if this is something you are considering doing, we are always happy to chat to fellow social entrepreneurs about our journey, so get in touch).  From time to time we have chosen to apply for grant funding for specific pieces of work, and during 2020-2022 in order to support our communities and our organisation through the COVID pandemic.

We have listed all of these funders and social investors on our Funders page 

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