Friends of the Flyover – Renewable Energy Scheme

Whilst the outcome from the structural investigations


Join our conversation about pubic space, how it gets used, who owns it & who pays for it and how we can make it better. Join the #IWantSPACE conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as this blog and help write a Citizens Manifesto for Public Space


It is important that we retain public space in our towns and cities that small organisations and community groups as well as families and individuals can ‘programme’ and interpret over time. So much of our lives are spent working and living in buildings with poor quality light and air that the ability to be outdoors, to have space for thoughts, conversations and interactions that are not based on consumer transactions is vital to our well-being. Today we salute the bravery of the Hastings Pier Charity and their Architect dRMM in committing to open space and recognising the importance of space for citizens to occupy and make their own.

The Unkindest Cut

Unfortunately due to things outside of our control we have had to cancel the performances of Unkindest Cut this week, due to take place as part of Liverpool Mental Health Festival. All the partners are working to reschedule the workshop and performances for Spring/Summer of 2018 and we are really excited about the opportunity for young people to be involved in co-creating and for audiences to see the work.

Community Build at WECC

The day after The Maverick City symposium

Plywood with Soul

Plywood with Soul is about co-creating livable spaces & transforming bare accommodation into a home or making community spaces usable on a limited budget using CNC technology. Steve's residency in Madrid produced our first solutions in this ongoing project

The Mavericks are Coming – RIP Regeneration

We've decided the time has come to stop ONLY talking (we are great fans of talking, we do it a lot with our clients) and start DOING

Would you like to hear more? Would you like to join us?

We have proposed a research project to a prominent funder and whatever they say, we think this needs doing and needs doing soon...........

The Maverick City 2017

We've just finished 2017's version of The Maverick City, so here's a quick round up - including a write up by one of the participants

Artist Provocateur Proposals

Our Artist Provocateur project commissioned 4 proposals for our future cultural programme - we are now working to secure funding to deliver them

Building a collaboratively creative city

New Start Magazine recently came to Liverpool and interviewed us as part of their feature on the city. Editor Clare Goff also asked for blog posts from Kate and Toria and here is the one that Kate wrote about her vision for Liverpool as a Collaboratively Creative City:

Flyover Takeover Film

We have condensed more than 35 hours of community workshops, performances, installations and general good fun up above our city during Flyover Takeover Summer 2016 into around 90 seconds of film footage....

The Power of Tea

Engagement can change people’s lives

We do truly believe that bringing people into the process of design of space changes lives. This is not simply a ‘nice-to-have’ luxury or a ‘touchy-feely’ add-on, it’s an essential ingredient in the process of creating spaces and places for people.

How was the Takeover 2016

Our summer 2016 Flyover Takeover programme was ambitious, exhausting, wonderful, joyous, moving and experimental.   It included 5 Sundays of road closure where the south carriageway of Churchill Way became a space for everyone, a temporary stage for performance, dance classes, flash mobs, gigs, urban picnics, cyclists, walkers and the curious – we hope you caught some of it.

Flyover Takeover participants LiverpoolThe whole Flyover project is driven by

Flyover Takeover Programme announced

Dance, music, performance and conversation return to Liverpool’s Churchill Way Flyover in summer festival celebrating culture and community.

An acoustic picnic, making and planting, cycling