Spreading joy with Urban Workbench in Sutton Way

Our nomadic learning hub & CNC manufacturing project, Urban Workbench, has been keeping busy at one of the neighbourhoods we’re working in – Sutton Way, Ellesmere Port.

We recently established a satellite workshop in collaboration with local residents actively involved in our community engagement around the regeneration project in Sutton Way.

Our unique approach to meaningful engagement in Sutton Way has attracted national recognition, which we hope will highlight and galvanise the benefits of putting residents at the heart of placemaking decisions.

Citizen-led interventions

Urban Workbench worked with local residents to kit out part of the existing Conversation Space – which residents recognise as a safe & familiar hub from our engagement sessions – with workbenches and power tools.

Our cohort of passionate neighbours (now friends) developed new skills in joinery & DIY and design over 4 Learning Programme sessions held across 2 weekends.

Here, neighbours connected, became friends and explored desire to improve their neighbourhood environment.

Sessions originally intended to make bird boxes from waste timber and recycled paints quickly evolved into the group co-designing planters & colourful outdoor interventions for their neighbourhood.

The group successfully installed their lovingly crafted DIY projects with pride last week, having expanded their peer group, improved their self-confidence and social isolation.

We were privileged to have captured the journey, comments and in this inspiring video.

In Sutton Way residents’ own words

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