The Flyover Liverpool

Churchill way from above

The Friends of the Flyover was the first project that brought together the people that went on to create We Make Places as a community interest company.

This inspiring project is a great example of the way in which we can help galvanise communities and bring them together to influence decisions in their neighbourhoods

In the cities’ Strategic Investment Framework (2012) The Churchill Way Flyover in Liverpool city centre was identified for ‘removal’.  Demolition of this type and scale doesn’t come cheap and doesn’t come without disruption and pain as Liverpool knows too well, having suffered from numerous brutal clearances and projects in the name of ‘regeneration’.

The founders of We Make Places responded to condemnation of Churchill Way with a provocation- why can’t we turn this busy road and walkways into an elevated urban park? Citizens of the city immediately supported this with a passion and fervour which shocked, surprised and pleased all those involved, culminating in over £40,000 being raised through a SpaceHive crowd funding campaign to fund a feasibility study and design proposals to transform this concrete beauty into a place for nature and play.

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