Wiki House

At the end of 2014 we acquired the 4th prototype of WikiHouse for Friends of the Flyover to use.

This is a flat pack self-build timber house that we will erect under The Flyover to provide us with a base to deliver workshops, cultural events and community outreach projects as well as inform people about the wider vision.

This is an immensely important structure and opportunity for We Make Places to engage with communities, not only providing access to learning /self improvement projects and the chance to become involved in community events but also the opportunity to develop their skills around self build for communities.

The WikiHouse is part of a movement which enables communities to self build affordably and quickly without the support or intervention of developers or large main contractors.

A house can cost less than £50,000 and can be erected and be watertight by a small team within 10 days.

Founder of WikiHouse Alastair Parvin was invited to give a TEDtalk

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