We have decided to be one of the investors in MerseyHive because we believe that crowdfunding is a great way to harness community passion which will help to turn a great idea into a great project.

Having helped to create The Friends of The Flyover and their hugely successful crowdfunding campaign run on Spacehive, we have seen first hand the way in which the crowd rather than the funding can be transformational for a project.

We have set about finding partners who are as excited as we are about Liverpool City Region and we will be developing the MerseyHive in partnership with them.

There’s lots of ways to get involved and grow our community

Create a Project

If you have an idea for a way to make the Liverpool City Region a better, brighter, more fun and community orientated place to live and work then get in touch. You can create your project as part of our Hive before it is ready for funding so we will be able to help you make it as strong a campaign as possible.

Become a MerseyHive Founding Partner

In the Liverpool City Region we are reknowned for doing things a little differently and so we thought it would be a great solution to fund the licence for the MerseyHive by effectively crowdfunding it! We want to make sure there is representation from the 6 boroughs involved and so far we have partners from Sefton, Halton and Liverpool – so if you are a community organisation, small business or just have a passion for public space and community led development get in touch so we can tell you more about how to get involved. The amount of money is really very small and we are looking for the right partners not the richest ones – so that could be you!

Create a Match Funding Pot

One of the great initiatives of Spacehive is that they bring in corporate supporters that projects can apply to for match funding when they are doing well gaining support from the crowd.

We believe that the Liverpool City Region has some great businesses that are very committed to supporting their local communities and so we will be bringing on board corporate donors to create their own match funding pots for the region.

You will be able to determine your own priorities for the type of projects you wish to support, which could include location, beneficiaries, capital or revenue or another aspect that you identify. You could have specific deadlines for applications and we can help you manage this process too if it helps.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this with us.

Help Promote the MerseyHive

For the crowd to know about the projects on the MerseyHive we need them to know about it! So if you are reading this you can help us broaden our reach in lots of ways including:

  • promoting our page on social media
  • putting a link in your email footer
  • writing a blog post
  • inviting us to talk to your staff
  • plugging us on radio, TV, in the papers etc

Other Ways to Help the MerseyHive

If you have time available and would like to support us we have internship opportunities covering marketing and social media

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