As well as wanting to share our gratitude to our funders and investors who we see as collaborators in achieving our outputs, We know it will also be of interest to our beneficiaries, clients and colleagues to see where our money comes from. As a social enterprise we also generate our own earned income through our trading.


This year we secured support from the Flexible Finance Fund run by The Key Fund and their partners:

We also received Social Investment from Kindred and from the Northern Impact Fund via The Key Fund and their partners:


Coming out of lockdowns and the impact of Covid on our earned income it was important to us to secure some charitable and research and development funding. We received balance payments from grants awarded in previous years from WEA and the RSA. Our new grant funding in this year was from:


We recieved a Local Business Support Grant as part of the Governments COVID recovery funds. In addition we securred funding for a number of projects:


In 2020 we received our first COVID related grants, from The Arts Council England and also from Social and Community Captial, one of our existing social investors. Both of these were for specific initiatives to support our communities in different ways during the pandemic. We also received funding for our learning programme from the WEA and their partners and for a research project from the RSA.


In this year we received no grant funding


We received funding from:


We received funding as part of a learning programme run by The School For Social Entrepreneurs and a Social Investment and blended finance package from: