Spy:Works Indigenous Curation

Initial Concept By Mina Bihi & Ruth Dillon

Photographers and social archivists Mina & Ruth will be working with the local community to create archives of the everyday; interpreting architectural spaces, places and people with an artistic eye. They will run photographic master classes in local neighbourhoods. A picture tells a story so they will ask you to begin a journey of storytelling.

The camera will bring your ideas of how you see your space to the rest of the world, online, in print and on the wall and in spaces you never dreamed an image could be.

You will become ‘Community Curators’ the living storytellers by means of th

e photographic image and the written word.

You will learn how to create funky, fun imagery with an emphasis on challenging you to be the best you can be… photographically.

Ideas exchanged, spaces explored, you become the creators of your Liverpool’s new ‘Heritage Assets’ and ‘Local Heroes’. You become the people who see the story, capture the story and interpret it in your own way.

Perfection is replaced by the real, no gloss, and no hype just simple reality captured in the moment authentic, fresh and real.