Liverpool Is…

Initial Concept by Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram’s multidisciplinary practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live arts projects, he has created a number of extraordinary art projects over the last 19 years which have excited and inspired people around the globe.

Liverpool is… is a large-scale light artwork and participatory experience for local residents and visitors, presenting thoughts, hopes and dreams about the city.

Through a visual transformation of The Flyover, the artwork will create a prominent gateway to Liverpool, to be experienced by the millions of people who enter the city each year.

For the decorative aspect of the artwork, Luke Jerram and The Flyover team would work together to appoint a local artist or designer to create a stunning graphic design, perhaps drawing inspiration from the locale.

For the text aspect of the artwork, local members of the public will be invited through a city wide media campaign to send their thoughts about Liverpool in 100 characters.

There are two different ways we can present the text. One method is to present the publics thoughts via LED signage which can be changed remotely daily. Another solution is to have a set of physical letters that can be rearranged manually each fortnight.